Pricing & General Information


Pricing for my quilting is edge to edge only.  Custom work such as free hand, echo stitching, and border designs are not available.  My current pricing is .01 per square inch.  To figure the cost, multiply the length  x  width =  area  x .01 = price. 
 Minimum charge is $25.00

Patterns/Quilting Designs

All patterns currently installed on my quilting machine are available at no extra charge.  I would be more than happy to work with you if you have a specific design you would like on your quilt.  Most of my designs come from Anne Bright but will work with you to find the perfect design that you have in mind.  If you decide on a design that I do not have there may be a one time $10 fee for the design.


You may provide your own batting or I have Warm & Natural, Warm & White 100% cotton @$8.64 per yard.  I also carry Hobbs 80/20 96" wide @ $7.20 per yard, 108" wide @ $7.92 per yard or 120" wide @ $9.72 per yard.  All batting is priced per linear inch and cut in the most economical way possible way to eliminate waste.  (Prices subject to change depending upon the market.  Please ask if you are concerned about cost.) 

Turnaround Time

I work on the quilts in the order they are received.  I can let you know how many quilts are before yours once your quilt has been received.  If you have a special timing request, please let me know before shipping your quilt.  I try to keep a 2-3 week turn around time, but sometimes things happen.  I reserve the right to charge an additional fee for special deadline request.


Please pack your quilt in a plastic bag to protect it from moisture during shipping.  Also, please make sure you have used a sturdy box, enclose your name, address, phone number and email address for me.  I will return your quilt using the carrier of your choice or the cheapest method.  If you would like additional insurance please let me know.  There may be an additional charge of $1 or $2 for the box to return your quilt.  Here is my shipping address:

Joanne Lendaro
529 Olde Farms Road
Grantham, NH   03753

         Quilt Love Charges

Please take the time to press your top and backing. I won't mind pressing it a little, but please be considerate of my time.  This will give you another chance to trim threads, and check for open seams.  Open seams (unstitched) can be a machine quilters worst nightmare.

If you supply your own batting for multiple quilts, please cut the batting for each quilt before giving to me.  I may not cut the batting for the quilts in the correct order resulting in not enough batting.  If I have to cut your batting there may be an additional charge.

Your backing must be 4” – 6” larger than your top on all sides.  If your quilt is 50" x 50" your batting and backing needs to measure at least 58" x 58".   If your backing is too small and I have to add additional fabric to make it long/wide enough, you will be charged $5 per addition. Please ask me if you have any questions about this.

Here is a checklist for you to follow before

 sending your quilt.

  • Check and repair any loose and/or open seams
  • Trim all stray threads
  • Press both the top and backing
  • Mark the top of the quilt top and top of the backing
  • Measure your top and backing – double check that your backing and batting is 4”- 6” wider than the top.  If your top is 60” x 80” your batting and backing should measure at least 68” x 88”.  I can work with a little less, but the less backing I have to work with the more difficult it is for me.  Please check this carefully.
  • Remove all selvedges and make sure backing is square.  If you need help with squaring a backing, please let me know.
  • Pet hair – Please remove pet hair from top and backing.  I would not want to, but may have to refuse tops with excessive pet hair.

If you have any questions please let me know.

 Together we can get your tops finished and into beautiful quilts that can be loved.

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