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  1. Good morning Joanne ... Getting ready to send you seven quilts, which means there are only two tops left (no backs yet) in the "clean out" closet. SOME OF THESE ARE DEFINITELY NOT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. There are two or three that are "more needy" and you may or may not want to do, but instead will hopefully recommend someone else.

    I know you are busy and I have really been trying to get my rom cleanedup and organized, even selling a large portion of my fabric this September. I do not anticipate making many more large quilts - just small ones and I really like the idea of bed runners.

    Please let me know if now is okay as I would like to send this week. We will be out of town ( to Georgia with son/DIL) from Nov. 1st to 8th.

    Judy Currie

    Looking forward to your recomendations.